Biela company was founded in in 2000. The propellers are now sold worldwide. Each propeller is handcrafted individually on the basis of carbon fiber. Glass and carbon fiber and epoxy resins are of highest quality imported from Germany and France. Propellers are bigger than 30 inches, and all turbo-propellers have been reinforced with kevlar roving.
CFK -props "Biela" with phenomenal price-performance ratio! The propellers are already balanced and approved up to 8000 RPM, from 36'' up to 6000 RPM. There are light, but very strong and rigid propellers with a low noise level. The propellers are reinforced in the area in the center of the mounting hole with a piece of hardwood. All propellers are equipped with a central hole. Propellers up to 20 inches have 8mm bore and from 21 inches 10mm bore. Standard painting of the props is as shown in the related picture. Surcharge, other colors are available on an individual order. The back of the propeller is black. The propellers are available as two-three-and four-blade.
Propellers marked with "D" - the propellers with the additional designation "D" have an increased pitch in the hub area (by approx. 1 - 2 inches). Therefore the propellers have a slightly better efficiency and are also quieter. A larger pitch and the wider blade profile in the hub area improve the motor cooling, especially when flying 3D.
EXTRA PAINTING  are possible. Here you will find a lot of sample photos. Even your own color ideas can be translated largely. It is best to match the colour tones with the RAL colour number and inform us. Nevertheless, minor colour differences are possible. The colours are mixed manually and slight colour deviations cannot be a reason for complaint. Please also consider that the colours are not always reproduced correctly on the monitor.
Important note: In the case of order-specific propellers (e.g. with custom painting), the delivery time may not always be met. It can happen that such a propeller does not meet our high quality requirements at the first attempt or is damaged when it is removed from the mold. Such cases are rare but possible. Often after a failed production, the mold must be repaired. That usually takes a couple of days. This unfortunately shifts the delivery time. It is a hand craft in which such incidents are always to be expected. Articles which are manufactured to order are not subject to the provisions of the right of withdrawal. We ask for your understanding.
The surface quality of the propellers is determined by the manufacturing process and may show small superficial cracks and impressions of the underlying fabric despite the greatest effort. The joints between the two moulded parts may also have micro-unevenness. Such spots are caused by the manufacturing process and have no influence on the operational safety or strength and are no reason for complaint.  
ATTENTION! We accept no liability for any damage that may be caused by the use of propellers, for the proper installation and operation is not monitored by us.