Art Hobby is one of the oldest model plane manufacturers in Poland. More than 30 years of experience in model making allows to keep a stable quality and offer high developed planes. Due to the light-weight, high stability and perfect aerodynamics, these models perform excellent in the air. Convince yourself! The Art Hobby planes will give you joy when assembling as well as flying. In worst case, we can provide a full spare part service.

Kit contains: model components, all necessary hardware, blue print and step by step instructions. 

Important information:

  • For ArtHobby models (wings) lacquers or stains on waterbases are completely unsuitable!
  • The wings must not be covered with a film. The veneer on the wings is so thin that the heat can damage the polystyrene core when ironed.
  • When laminating the two halves of the wings, please use laminating resin, and never use a two-component adhesive.

Wing construction