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The LED programming card for KAVAN PRO series ESCs (also compatible with FOXY G2 ESCs) for aircraft is used for easy and fast programming of ESCs - at home "on the table" as well as at the airport. The ESC is connected via a servo cable, the socket is located on the top of the box. The power supply of the card is provided by the BEC stabilizer power supply of the KAVAN PRO ESC or by a common 4-5 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2S LiPo/LiFe receiver battery connected to the box (in case of the OPTO ESC). Programming is done with both motor and drive battery connected (also in case of OPTO ESCs).

WARNING: The KAVAN PRO LED programming card cannot be used to program the first generation FOXY ESCs and the first generation FOXY programming card cannot be used to program the KAVAN PRO ESCs.

The KAVAN PRO air ESCs can be programmed in a model with a propeller mounted - for safety reasons, however, we still recommend removing the propeller when programming - this will prevent a possible accident in the event of an omission or operator error. Similarly, program ESCs in cars and boats safely perched on a stand with the wheels or propeller in the air or with the pinion or propeller shaft coupling removed.

Four buttons on the front panel of the card are used for programming. Use them to select the program functions ("ITEM") for setting and to set their value ("VALUE"). The "OK" button confirms the change and sends it to the ESC, the "RESET" button is used to clear all settings and return all values to the factory default settings. The program function number is displayed on the left on the two-digit LED display ("ITEM"), the function value is displayed on the one-digit LED display on the right ("VALUE").

The method of connecting the ESC to the LED programming card depends on the type of ESC - it varies depending on whether it is a BEC ESC with a power supply stabilizer or an OPTO ESC. When wiring, follow exactly the instructions supplied with the card and your ESC.

A list of functions and adjustable values is provided on the label on the card; a detailed description of the functions is provided in the manuals supplied with the FOXY G2 ESCs.

Programming card kit includes: KAVAN PRO LED programming card, three-wire programming cable, instructions.

Supply voltage [V]: 4.8 - 8.4 ; Lenght [mm]: 88 ; Width [mm]: 58 ; Height [mm]: 14 ; Weight [g]: 40

Technical data
Dimensions: 88 x 58 x 14 mm
Weight: 40 g
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