Wings bags NSP for Geronimo Set

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Wings bags NSP for Geronimo Set - Image 1Wings bags NSP for Geronimo Set - Image 2Wings bags NSP for Geronimo Set - Image 3
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Wing protection bags NSP for Geronimo (Wing ca. 125 x 24 (16) cm and stabilizer 52 x 12 cm)

The protection bags are made from our own developed sandwich material. Our goal was to find a material that can replace air filled protection bags and insulation foam. The requirements were a light weight (for light model constructions), waterproof, non-ripping and long lasting material. This should be inexpensive and easy to handle. With the new developed sandwich material (NSP = Nylon, Special foam, Polyester jersey) we were able to achieve a sensational price performance ratio. The outer material stability, cushioning and inlay material guarantee a long life protection of the wing surface and easy to put in or take out, even with aservo horns on the outside. For the price of a simple air cushioning bag, you will receive a long life sewed, special form cushioned protection bag, which is light (e.g. stabilizer bag 52 x 12cm with only ca. 58g weight) and perfectly suited for models up to 2,5-3,0m wingspan.

The outer material is grey with black rims, the inner material is black and the hook-and-loop tape is also black. The colour cannot be chosen, also there is no additional options available, such as custom logos and so on.



Outer material: 100% Polyamid (PA6.6)

Special foam: 100% Polyethylen (PES)

Cushioning: 100% Polyester (PL)

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