Model bag "F3J" for NAN Orion V2

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Model bag "F3J" for NAN Orion V2 - Image 1
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Model bag "F3J" for NAN Orion V2

The bags are made of very durable multi-layer materials. The outside layer is Cordura® (Du Pont™) material, known from backpacks (where durability is very important). It is a kind of nylon material (polyamide), inbetween there is soft material for protection. The inner part is made of velours material (very soft for protection).

There are two places to put in the main wing halfs which can be closed by velcro. There is also extra space for the vertical and/or horizontal tail. The fuselage can be fixed by velcro inside the bag. The outside also offers extra space for small accessories. The bag can be closed by a plastic zipper.

  Orion V2
Fuselage length (max.) 1460 mm 
Vertical tail heigth (max.) 310 mm
Wing length max. (2 pieces) 1460 mm
Wing width (max.) 250 mm 
Horizontal tail length (max.) 640 mm 
Horizontal tail width (max.) 125 mm 

Outer fabric: 100% polyester (PES) coated with 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Upholstery foam: 100% polyethylene (PE)
Lining: 100% Polypropylene (PP)

Test: "FlugModell" 4+5 / 2021
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