Model bag "F3J" Standard

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Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 1
Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 2
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Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 1Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 2Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 3Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 4Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 5Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 6Model bag "F3J" Standard - Image 7
M (medium)
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Model bag "F3J" Standard

pp-rc Modellbau offers high-quality model bags for protection of expensive models for transport. There is three sizes: M = middle, L = large, XL = extra-large. The "XL 3T" variant is equipped with an additional pocket for three parts wings.

The bags are made of very durable multi-layer materials. The outside layer is Cordura® (Du Pont™) material, known from backpacks (where durability is very important). It is a kind of nylon material (polyamide), inbetween there is soft material for protection. The inner part is made of velours material (very soft for protection).

There are two places to put in the main wing halfs which can be closed by velcro. There is also extra space for the vertical and/or horizontal tail. The fuselage can be fixed by velcro inside the bag. The outside also offers extra space for small accessories. The bag can be closed by a plastic zipper.

Model bag "F3J" Individual (extra charge)

Also an "individual" tailored bag size can be ordered. In this case, please send us the measurements of your model according to the table below. Also the logo design can be changed. Please send us the font you would like to use by e-mail. We need the graphics in cdr-format (Corel Draw). At extra charge, we can also use high-resolution jpg-graphics. Multi-colored or graphics with very thin lines cannot be used. Please contact us before ordering the individual bag, so that we can check if it is possible to make your idea come true.

  M L XL
Fuselage length (max.) 1070 mm 1250 mm 1600 mm
Vertical tail heigth (max.) 310 mm 420 mm 440 mm
Wing length * (2-parts) 1100 mm 1300 mm 1600 mm
Wing width (max.) 200 mm 250 mm 260 mm
Horizontal tail length (max.) 650 mm 700 mm 850 mm
Horizontal tail width (max.) 160 mm 170 mm 190 mm

(*) Wing 3-parts: 1x 1600mm und 2x 1115mm

Possible material and printing colours:

Material : black, dark grey, dark blue, blue Printing: blue, red, orange, white  

Outer fabric: 100% polyester (PES) coated with 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Upholstery foam: 100% polyethylene (PE)
Lining: 100% Polypropylene (PP)

Test: "FlugModell" 4+5 / 2021