Private export for goods purchased from us - VAT (tax) - refund information
Due to the enormous additional effort, a VAT refund is only possible from a value of € 1,000.00, or even if the size of the package exceeds the maximum allowed in the destination country. Example: In Switzerland bulky goods packages are only accepted up to a length of 150 cm. Of course, we deliver to third countries outside the EU without VAT.
If the VAT is to be refunded, we may need to be informed before delivery of the goods. The commercial invoice shall be accompanied by a corresponding export document (export and customer certificate for VAT purposes for exports in non-commercial travel) to be completed by us and an additional copy of the invoice attached to the consignment. The documents must then be stamped at the border at the German customs and sent back to us in the original. The refund must be made in the same way as the payment of the goods. For example, in the case of a transfer, a return transfer to the same bank account must be made or, when paying by PayPal, a corresponding PayPal chargeback.