Servo KST X08 Plus V2 · 8mm ·4,5kg/cm by 6V

Item no.:  A2767
Servo KST X08 Plus V2 · 8mm ·4,5kg/cm by 6V - Image 1
Servo KST X08 Plus V2 · 8mm ·4,5kg/cm by 6V - Image 2
Servo KST X08 Plus V2 · 8mm ·4,5kg/cm by 6V - Image 1Servo KST X08 Plus V2 · 8mm ·4,5kg/cm by 6V - Image 2
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Servo KST X08 Plus V2 • 8mm • 5,3kg/cm by 8,4V

A wing digital servo with 8mm thickness is suitable for models up to 1500g take-off weight and 8 to 8.4 Volt supply voltage. Sturdy aluminium housing and metal gearboxes as well as an operating voltage of 4.8 - 8.4V ensure a very wide range of applications for the servo. The servos are available in two mounting variants: standard brackets (S) (horizontal) - for the classical vertical installation and mounting with screws and vertical brackets (H) - for the screw mounting in the wings.

Attention: for the servos with metal housing, the mounting plates should not be removed (loss of warranty) 

Width (mm): 8,0
Length (mm): 29,5
Height (mm): 27,7
Weight (g): 11,0
Technical data
Operating voltage (max.) [V]: 8,4
Servo type: Wing
Motor type: Corless
Gear: Metall
Bearing: 2BB
Electronics: Digital
Actuating force
kg/cm @ 3,8V: 2,8
kg/cm @ 6,0V: 4,5
kg/cm @ 7,4V: 5,2
Operating time
s/60° @ 3,8V: 0,21
s/60° @ 6,0V: 0,130
s/60° @ 7,4V: 0,110
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