Alu precision spinners turbo Z

Item no.:  A2792
Alu precision spinners turbo Z - Image 1
  • Description

High-quality, low-cost aluminium spinner with offset for folding propellers: "Turbo" means that the airflow contributes to engine cooling via an internal air duct. "Z" means that the propeller blades are offset from each other, which allows airflow to be optimised against the nose of the fuselage. The spinners are CNC-machined, which guarantees a high fitting accuracy of the components. The neck of the propeller blades must be 8 mm wide and have a 3 mm bore.

Technical data:

            Diameter            Weight   Lenght     Blades distance 
30mm 15g 25mm 36mm
32mm 16g 25mm 36mm
40mm 23g 26mm 46mm


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