Root ribs for Agile wings

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Root ribs for Agile wings - Image 1
Root ribs for Agile wings - Image 2
Root ribs for Agile wings - Image 1Root ribs for Agile wings - Image 2
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Two pairs of root ribs are offered here, which can be inserted between the centre section and the outer section of the wing. The ribs have slots for Deans connectors and small neodymium magnets. This provides an automatic plug-in for the servo connections as well as a firm holding of the wing parts. The plugs and magnets are included in the scope of delivery. These only have to be inserted into the root ribs and secured with a drop of superglue. The magnets are located on the inside of the ribs, so they cannot be lost. A drilling template for both carbon pins is also enclosed with the ribs. This makes assembly very easy (gluing with 2-component adhesive), which results in a very practical and elegant solution. A slight grinding of the contour may be necessary, although the manufacturing accuracy of the wing profile and the root ribs is very high.


Scope of delivery:


2 pairs of root ribs

2 pairs of connectors

4 pieces neodymium magnet

1 piece drilling template for the plug pins