Jabiru Aircraft Pty. Ltd. was founded in Australia in 1988. The name "Jabiru" is related to the biggest birds in South and North America which belong to the family of storks. Jabiru Aircraft had the goal to produce a line of kit and ready civil planes as well as develop and produce aviation engines. The versions start with UL planes such as Calypso, two-seated planes J-120, J-160, J-170 and J-230 as well as four-seaters J-400, J-430 and J-450. The high wing airplanes are produced from fiber glass and usually have a tripod landing gear. Jabiru Aircraft has many representatives all over the world, also in Germany. We would like to tell our special thanks to Mr. Leigh Cooper from Jabiru Aircraft Australia for the friendly support of our project.


Our model has been developed based on a real Jabiru J-160, which has been build in Poland from a kit version. The first prototype of the model (not yet built fully from fiber glass) was used by Grzegorz Biela in the Europa Star Cup (ESC) competitions very successfully. The plane was flying very smooth and looked very unique and beautiful in the air, so all further changes and developments were a logical consequence. A lot of scale details have been provided for the model plane as well. The development took far more time than initially planned, but we wanted to offer a perfect model plane with all the details from its big brother.


The Jabiru J-160 is offered in two versions. The first one is a kit ready to paint. All parts are filled and grounded. The other version is completely prepared and only needs to be equipped with a proper propulsion and electronic parts. For both versions tehere are optional equipments available.


For propulsion we recommend the gasoline engine King 100 RV cm³ boxer, which can be used with the original electric starter.


Technical data


  Full scale  Model
Scale: 1 : 1  1 : 2,5
Wingspan: 8120 mm  3280 mm
Length: 5775 mm  2300 mm
Height: 2300 mm  950 mm
Motor: 2200 cm³  100 cm³
Weight: max. 540 kg  from 19 kg



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