Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+

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Photo with BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 1
Photo with BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 2
Photo without BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 3
Photo with BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 4
Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 5
Scope of delivery with BT/WiFi - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 6
Scope of del.  without BT/WiFi - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 7
Photo with BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 1Photo with BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 2Photo without BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 3Photo with BT/WiFi antenna - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 4Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 5Scope of delivery with BT/WiFi - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 6Scope of del.  without BT/WiFi - Profi- accucharger Pulsar 3+ - Image 7
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2500 W power and 40 A charging current. Balancing current 2 A. Balancing power 100 W!

All types of rechargeable batteries can be charged with 40 A (even with maximum cell count) without restriction. Short circuit and polarity protected!

The Pulsar 3+ charger is a further development of the Pulsar 3. The charging and balancing performance has been increased again. Also, the possible sources of error in the operation were excluded once and for all. The Pulsar 3+ has a completely redesigned balancer conception, which does not cause any damage to the balancing connectors. Also the increased balancer performance (by the use of appropriate plugs and connection wires) allows balancing with currents of up to 2 A per cell, with an enormous balancer total output of 100 W. The Pulsar 3+ charger has qualities which make a big difference to products of other manufacturers. Most of them are features which were too expensive or even too complicated for our competitors. We went through a long development time and did not like to have any technical compromises which could lower the functionality of our unrivalled charger. The developers could realize a very high accuracy and stability of all parameters at the full power spectrum of this device, also for functions like impulse or reflex. Other chargers lose a lot of time while CCV stage of charging LiXX batteries, but the Pulsar 3 uses the genuine FASTMOD function (used in Pulsar 2, Pulsar 2+ and Pulsar 3) to shorten charging time rigorous (up to 30 % faster compared to standard charging mode). At the same time, the FASTMOD method is very gentle for your battery packs. The balancer for 16 cells has enough power also for future battery packs with more capacity. It uses continuous current instead of discharge impulse and is able to balance 16 cells at the same time, even with different currents. The intuitive one-button control, a big graphical display, logging of all processes on SD card, optional BT or BT/WiFi communication, different setups for usage on car battery or power supply - these are just a few features that confirm this well-engineered Pulsar 3 charger. As the developers are not satisfied by using standard PC software, they made a special software for this charger and include it in the scope of delivery.

Features :

  • Charging current (automatically adjustable) 0,1-5,0 A and 5,0-25 A
  • Charging/Discharging power: : 500 W/12 V; 1.000 W/24 V; 1.600 W/36 V; 2.500 W/48 V
  • Charging voltage 0,6-64 V; 1-34 NiCd and NiMH; 1-24 Pb; 1-14 Li-Ion; 1-14 LiPo; 1 - 12 LiHV; 1-16 LiFe
  • Supply voltage 12 V (9-15,5 V); 24 V (18-31 V); 36 V (27-48 V); 48 V (36-60 V)
  • Efficiency 92-97 % (depending on the input and output voltage and power)
  • Power limiter for using with low power power supplies
  • Separate setup parameters for usage with car battery and power supply

  • Storage program for charging/discharging to storage voltage

  • Cycles (up to 99): charge/discharge; discharge/charge (current can be set up differently between charge and discharge) and format

  • Format with battery regeneration function (NiXX)

  • Permanent measurement of internal resistance (Ri) while charging (only impulse mode)

  • Built-in balancer for up to 16 cells (simultaneous balancing up to 16 cells)

  • Max. balancing current 2 A/cell (pre-setup in 4 steps: 0,0 A = no balancing - only display; 0,5 A; 1,0 A; 2,0 A)

  • Balancing only mode (whole voltage range)

  • Balancing power 100 W

  • Balancing current - automatically variable individually in 10 steps per cell

  • Intelligent balancing algorithm

  • Balancing start voltage automatically ascertainable - depends on height of cell debalancing

  • Balancing funnel-shaped - full cells means more intense balancing

  • Process memory (last processes data): 20

  • Program memory (user settings): 20

  • Charging finish identification (NiXX): Delta-peak (adjustable from 1 to 25 mV in steps of 0,5 mV); Inflex; charging time; adjusted capacity

  • Pb, Li-Ion, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe - finish voltage of charging +100 / - 200 mV adjustable

  • Fastmod (genuine) for Li-Ion, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Pb

  • Reflex function - (memory effect protection for NiCd & NiMH), lowers voltage drift at LiXX

  • Modes: Impulse, Reflex, adjusted for usage with power supply (Impulse mode off)

  • If not used, zero voltage at output (safety for charging batteries inside of devices, e.g. transmitter)

  • Reverse battery protection (input, output)

  • Anti-spark circuit for battery and supply of current

  • Charger housing isolated from earth (minus); no short circuit at housing possible

  • Temperature sensor

  • Step-down/step-up converter for full charging of single cell batteries

  • Discharge process up to 100 W with external mains power supply without additional, external resistors

  • Reverse - returns discharging current to supply battery starting from 4 V

  • Protects supply battery against overcharging (in reverse mode)

  • Adjustable min. voltage of supply battery 10,5 - 11,5 V (protects against deep discharge) 10,0-11,5 V (also 24 V, 36 V and 48 V)

  • Digital control converter with special digital signal processor (DSP: allows fast and precise control)

  • Graphical display 240 x 64 pixel

  • Permanent display backlight (brightness and contrast adjustable); reverse display possible (negative)

  • Acoustic alarm (disengageable)

  • Individual configuration on SD card (possible temporary use in other devices)

  • Process logging on SD card (archive and analysis on PC possible)

  • Built-in real-time clock (time will be also logged to SD card)

  • USB connection (cable included)

  • Optional BT or BT/WiFi communication class 1 (up to 100 m range) with external antenna for communication with PC and smartphones

  • Automatic time (clock) synchronization with PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone

  • Internal cooling fan with smooth adjusting (very quiet - only one fan)

  • PC Software (bundled with charger)

  • SD card included

  • Free upgrades via internet

  • Small size (no external radiator) 155 x 160 x 75 mm, weight 1.850 g

Scope of delivery

  1. Charger Pulsar 3+

  2. Instruction manual

  3. Balancing adaptor

  4. Adaptor cable for standard charging cables

  5. Connection cable with crocodile clamps

  6. SD-card

  7. USB-cable

  8. Temperature sensor

  9. Optional: BT antenna (only if BT or BT / WLAN module is installed)

TEST: "Rotor" 3/2018 

TEST: "MFI" 5/2018 

Pulsar 3 - Setup und Grundbedienung
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