2- blade CFK propeller "Biela" 22 x 12 "Wilga"

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2- blade CFK propeller "Biela" 22 x 12 "Wilga" - Image 1
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INFO: Extra painting is possible. Delivery time 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of payment!

Carbon fiber propellers from "Biela" with a great quality to price ratio. They come factory-balanced and certified to not exceed 8000 rpm. Those propellers are lightweight and very stiff with low level of noise. Center (mounting) part is reinforced with wooden block. Extra colour painting is possible with additional costs. Back surface is always painted black.

Carbon - propellers "BIELA" (Turbo-Prop)

All props can be delivered in a AFK version for turbo props. The extra price is +25 % to the normal price, the delivery time takes about 2 weeks.


We're not responsible for any injury and damage caused by improper usage of "Biela" propellers. Simply, because we can't control it.

Technical data:
Type: 2 blade Wilga
Diameter: 22"
Pitch: 12"
Weight (abt.): 200 g
Hub bore diameter: 10 mm
Propeller hub thickness: 27 mm
Max. RPM: 8.000
Application: gas and electro engine