2- blade CFK propeller "Biela-Sport" 18 x 8 individual item

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2- blade CFK propeller "Biela-Sport" 18 x 8 individual item - Image 1
2- blade CFK propeller "Biela-Sport" 18 x 8 individual item - Image 1
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Special items. One-off. The propeller is new and unused!

The props of Biela-Sport type are new developed with laminar airfoil of the prop blades, similar to the EX-Racing series, but with blade shape more similar to the D type props. The efficiency is around 10 % better compared to the standard version, also there is a better motor cooling at lower speeds (e. g. torque rolls)

Carbon fiber propellers from Biela with a great quality to price ratio. They come factory-balanced and certified up to 8.000 rpm (from 36'' up to 6.000 rpm). Those propellers are lightweight and very stiff with low level of noise. Center (mounting) part is reinforced with wooden block.

We're not responsible for any injury and damage caused by improper usage of Biela propellers, as we cannot control a proper usage.

Prop: 26x10, 26x 10, 26/10

Technical data:
Type: 2 blade
Diameter: 18''
Pitch: 8''
Weight (abt.): 125 g
Hub bore diameter: 8 mm
Propeller hub thickness: 21,9 mm
Max. RPM: 8.000
Application: gas and electro engine
Recommended for engine (cm³): 40