4- blade CFK propeller "Biela" 16 x 14 Semiscale-Electro (Mustang shape)

Item no.:  A2290
4- blade CFK propeller "Biela" 16 x 14 Semiscale-Electro (Mustang shape) - Image 1
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The props of Semiscale-Electro type are developed for model planes with electric drive. The small hub thickness (16 mm) and optimized weight combined with high efficiency are making this prop type special. There is also a suitable specially for the propeller developed prop spinner available.
They come factory-balanced and certified to not exceed 8000 rpm. Extra colour painting is possible with additional costs. Back surface is always painted black.


We're not responsible for any injury and damage caused by improper usage of "Biela" propellers. Simply, because we can't control it.

Technical data:
Type: 4-blade electro semiscale
Diameter: 16"
Pitch: 14"
Weight (abt.): 120 g
Hub bore diameter: 8 mm
Propeller hub thickness: 16,2 mm
Max. RPM: 8000
Application: Electro